DevOps Pro Moscow 2022

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This Amazing Workshop will be about writing Helm charts, well, actually writing your own applications and services Deployment Templating, This Workshop will include  writing minimum of Code in Go and a lot of YAML files, In this Workshop we will observe together of some Advanced Company who have their own helm template and we will break them piece by piece.

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The observability landscape is a very hot place to be at this moment. There is a new kid in town, the OpenTelemetry project. Did you know that it is the second most active CNCF project right now? Maybe soon we won’t have a custom collector recreated over and over again by every monitoring / observability company. Marcin will show you what it brings to the observability table, how to use its reference collector implementation and how to collect and transform logs, metrics and traces using one tool.

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In this workshop we will build serverless applications using AWS. This is a comprehensive journey through serverless services, from simple Lambda function to full applications, with APIs and database integration. All secured, build with AWS best practices and monitored with AWS tools.

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Does your Dev team have to fight over a limited number of Dev Environments?

Is merging broken features into main causing you big headaches?

If Yes — this workshop is for you!

In this workshop we’ll cover a better way for teams to build and test software with Continuous Previews (aka on-demand or ephemeral environments) for the Full-Stack powered by Docker compose, Github Actions, Kubernetes and Uffizzi OSS.