Meet our Speakers
Raiffeisenbank, Russia

Vahtang Badzhadze

Working in the Raiffeisenbank more than 5 years. Actively engaged in the formation of DevOps-teams, the introduction of DevOps-practices and the improvement of interactions between the development and operations team in the bank last year. Wants to share with you the experience of implementing DevOps in to enterprise companies


One of DevOps’ Teams History

Thinking about implementing DevOps practices makes sense not only when we talk about development of a new application, but also in case, if you have a complex integrated system with lots of different components (150+),
also built on legacy-technologies (vb, com+)!
The task becomes more complicated and also more exciting when we talk about a large team (50+) responsible for development and support of front-office bank system!

Before start of DevOps implementation the goals were the following:

  • increase development and implementation of new solutions, without loss of quality;
  • involve admins of applications in the development work;
  • to interest developers in the quality of their product in the production environment.

In the presentation we will tell how we implemented DevOps in our team, what technical, cultural and organizational problems we encountered and how we learned to solve them! We’ll show our organizational DevOps models, new roles in the team! We’ll tell about technologies and DevOps tools that are currently used in our bank. And of course we will cover the topic of DevOps metrics, which we use to monitor the progress of implementation in teams.