DevOps Pro Moscow 2019

Vincent Demeester

Red Hat, France


I’m a french developer, Gopher, sysadmin, factotum, free-software fan and unicode lover.


Implementing CI/CD in Kubernetes the cloud native way using Tekton Pipeline

Modern microservice architectures require stable/reliable multi-environment CI/CD automations. There are a lot of technologies addressing the need of CI/CD solutions. However, traditional solutions tend to be rigid and resource hungry. Tekton (hosted by CD Foundation) is a flexible Kubernetes-native open-source CI/CD framework which enables automating deployments across multiple platforms (Kubernetes, serverless, VMs, etc). Tekton aspires to be the common denominator in CI/CD, modeling what Kubernetes has become in Cloud-Native Application development.

In this talk, I will present the Tekton Pipelines concept and customizable building blocks, and how CI/CD engineers can custom fit CI/CD solutions, all this directly in OpenShift. We’ll see how to install Tetkon Pipeline in Kubernetes (using operators), how to define and run pipelines using either kubectl or the Tekton command-line.

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