DevOps Pro Moscow 2019

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Viktor Farcic

CloudBees, Spain


Ten Commandments Of GitOps Applied To Continuous Delivery

We (humans) tend to follow our own rules unless some higher power defines them for us. Well… He did tell us that there are ten commandments we must follow, so we’ll explore them, we’ll memorize them, and we’ll make sure that we follow them without hesitation. Otherwise, everything will fall apart, and we will end up in the bad place.
We’ll learn about the **ten commandments of GitOps applied To continuous delivery**. We’ll see why **the processes…

Jenkins X

Marcin Grzejszczak

Pivotal, Poland


Continuous Deployment of Your Application

“I have stopped counting how many times I’ve done this from scratch” – was one of the responses to the tweet about starting the project called Cloud Pipelines. Every company sets up a pipeline to take code from your source control, through unit testing and integration testing, to production from scratch. Every company creates some sort of automation to deploy its applications to servers. Enough is enough – time to automate that and focus on delivering business value.

Cloud Pipelines
Continuous Delivery
Continuous Deployment

Bernd Erk

NETWAYS GmbH, Germany


How Convenience Is Killing Open Standards

All the technical freedom and diversity we enjoy in our industry is the result of internal, grass root evangelism. Over the last couple of decades, thought leaders have strongly opposed manufacturer-centric strategies and argued the case of Open Source and Open Standards. This ultimately led to the success of Linux and Open Source we have today.
But now, two decades later, the IT industry is in upheaval again: All three major cloud providers have been pushing…

Open Standards

Hynek Schlawack

Variomedia AG, Germany


Reliability for the Rest of Us

No matter whether you run a web app, search for gravitational waves, or maintain a backup script: being responsible for a piece of software or infrastructure means that you either get a pager right away, or that you get angry calls from people affected by outages. Being paged at 4am in everyday life is bad enough. Having to fix problems from hotel rooms while your travel buddies go for brunch is even worse.

Asanka Abeysinghe

WSO2, Inc, USA


A Decentralized Reference Architecture for Cloud-native Applications

The number of microservices running in enterprises increases daily. As a result, service composition, governance, security, and observability are becoming a challenge to implement and incorporate. A “cell-based” architecture is an approach that can be applied to current or desired development and technologies to address these issues. This technology-neutral approach helps cloud-native dev teams become more efficient, act in a more self-organized manner, and speed…

API Driven

Марина Куликова

Redmadrobot, Россия


Гибкие методологии, как выжить?

Расскажу о том как выжить в гибких методологиях и в релизном быстром цикле, об ответственности за качество, как действовать лиду и привести проект к успеху, не важно какую проектную роль ты занимаешь, поговорим о воспитании клиента и сравним на осях гибкие методологии их работу зарубежом и в СНГ.

Постановка процессов
Командная работа

Stephen Thair

DevOpsGroup, UK


WinOps: Lessons Learned from Enterprise DevOps with Microsoft Technologies

WinOps – DevOps on Windows – is a community started in London, UK to share the lessons learnt from those organisations who are successfully doing DevOps in a Windows world. In this session we’ll share some lessons learnt from DevOps implementations in large Enterprise organisations who are using Microsoft technologies, but we’ll also share how we can learn lessons from the open-source community. 


Mark Smalley

Smalley.IT, The Netherlands


The Great Escape from Project Plan Prison

Do you feel trapped in Project Plan Prison? Do you have to report to the Project Warden about meaningless milestones to give him or her the illusion of control? Is the project plan is based on naive and idealised assumptions, so that you have to dig a tunnel to escape from fantasy to do the real work?
Much IT work is too unpredictable to be described in detail in project plans. Things just happen, so we have to experiment.

Divergent Approaches
Systems Thinking

Henry Been

Henry Been Consultancy, The Netherlands


Secure Development: Keeping Your Application Secrets Private

Do you still store secrets in source control? Are your secrets safely stored, but are you struggling to distribute them to your applications? Do you feel this should be easy, but you can’t just find out how?
In this session, Henry will take you on a journey that starts with passwords in source control. From there he will quickly take you along on a series of improvements to make both local development and production deployments…

Secret Management

Renato Losio

Funambol, Germany


Moving from a Managed Relational Database to a Serverless One

From AWS to Google Cloud, the major cloud providers offer different options to run a MySQL or a MySQL compatible database on the cloud. You can spin up virtual machines and configure your own cluster or rely on managed services with the ability to modify or scale vertically a database with the click of a button. The new trend is serverless (relational) database that offer both traditional interfaces and HTTP API access.