DevOps Pro Moscow 2019

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Martin Hinshelwood

naked Agility Limited, UK


An Enterprise Transformation that Shows that You Can Too

‘That would never work here’
You’ve likely heard this sentiment (or maybe you’ve even said it yourself). Good news: change is possible. Martin Hinshelwood explains how Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Services formerly VSTS went from a three-year waterfall delivery cycle to three-week iterations and open sourced the Azure DevOps task library and the Git Virtual File System.


Dirk Lehmann

SAP SE, Germany


Trust as Foundation of DevOps

We’ve all the tools today to do high frequent deliveries in high quality. Yet many team struggle with getting into fast feedback loops with their customers, as their culture is not fast and responsive enough.
Trust can help, as trust makes a team fast. We need to make trust the foundation of DevOps.
DevOps requires a cultural change. But how can a DevOps transformation work (esp. in large enterprises)?


Andrey Devyatkin

HelloHippo LLC, Sweden/Spain


Vault Configuration as Code via Terraform: Stories from Trenches

During last month Vault provider for Terraform got several major updates allowing configuration as code approach for most of the Vaults features. HelloHippo is a Terraform shop, and we were quite excited to able to apply Terraform power for Vault configuration. In this talk, Andrey will share our journey – what went well and what not so well, what you should consider before you start. On top of that, we will look into topics how to incorporate security ops…


Martin Alfke

example42 GmbH, Germany


Getting Technical Buy-In

This talk will be all about how you go about getting buy-in for a new technology with your manager. It’s not specific to Puppet technologies, though the examples will be from Puppet champions I’ve worked with at large organizations who have had to sell Puppet to their team, manager or senior leadership.

management buy-in
translation tech <-> mgmt

Mark Heistek

NEEEDLE, Netherlands


Enable your team to do changes in production

DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Cloud solutions contribute to faster time to market, higher quality and more successful implementations of software. How do these team up to enable the engineer to make changes directly into your production environment? This talk will dive into multiple aspects of implementing DevOps and its pitfalls.

change production

Vincent Demeester

Red Hat, France


Implementing CI/CD in Kubernetes the cloud native way using Tekton Pipeline

Modern microservice architectures require stable/reliable multi-environment CI/CD automations. There are a lot of technologies addressing the need of CI/CD solutions. However, traditional solutions tend to be rigid and resource hungry. Tekton (hosted by CD Foundation) is a flexible Kubernetes-native open-source CI/CD framework which enables automating deployments across multiple platforms (Kubernetes, serverless, VMs, etc).


Andrea Giardini

Camunda Services GmbH, Germany


Jenkins scaling and organization for an efficient CI

We can’t discuss automation and DevOps without discussing Continuous Integration and Deployment. At Camunda, our biggest Jenkins instance has over 2500 individual jobs, relying on the flexibility of Kubernetes and Google cloud.