Meet our Speakers
Anynines, Germany

Julian Fischer

Julian Fischer is CEO of anynines. As an expert for digital transformation he has been attending hundreds of IT conferences and speaking at dozens including several Cloud Foundry events. His passion for Cloud Foundry was the motivation to found anynines, a startup entirely focused on cloud-native software development and operations. anynines has been the first Cloud Foundry based public PaaS and is entirely operated under German jurisdiction. With more than three years of Cloud Foundry operation experience anynines has established in CF related enterprise operations and consulting for central Europe. More than that anynines does significant groundwork in the field of highly available, self-provisioning, infrastructure agnostic data services.


Beyond 1001 Dedicated Data Service Instances

The first on-demand provisioning service brokers have appeared on the radar. This talk inspires to use them at scale leading to new challenges. Provisioning thousands of dedicated service instances, a corresponding number of VMs or even clusters of VMs needs to be managed.
Find out whether common practises from manual cluster operations and automation strategies suitable for managing a small number of service instances can still be applied.
Striving for a full lifecycle automation, this talk gives insights about obstacles and strategies for deploying dedicated, clustered data services instances at a large scale.
Questions such as how to manage thousands of service instance dedicated PostgreSQL or MongoDB clusters will be discussed, exemplarily.
Join this talk and the mission to automatically manage the entire lifecycle of complex data services beyond 1001 service instances.