Meet our Speakers
ScientiaMobile, Norway

Jon Arne Sæterås

Jon Arne Sæterås is a mobile guy. He has been an active member and thought leader in the global mobile community since the late nineties. His dream is to make the web completely mobile.

Jon Arne is a developer by trade who believes that making the end user happy is the key to success. He is dedicated to building innovative technology that achieves an optimal user experience. To this end, Jon Arne now leads the Innovation team at ScientiaMobile, where he focuses on improved web performance, responsive images, RESS, and mobile usage trends.

Jon Arne is also a writer, blogger, speaker and book reviewer. He recently co-authored the Smashing eBook “Responsive Web Design Vol. 2.


What DevOps need to know about mobile

The session will teach the audience about he current state, and projections, of mobile devices and applications, how does mobile affect the way people use the internet and what DevOps can do to handle the diversity of mobile devices accessing websites, apps and APIs.

The session will include fresh statistics and trends to set the scene and dive into details on how to organise websites, apps , apis to be resilient, maintainable and future friendly. Further, we’ll have a look at recent and emerging standards designed for mobile, such as Client Hints, Resource Hints and even the new breed of intelligent CDNs.