DevOps Pro Moscow 2019

Danil Dintsis

Специалист.Ру, Russia


Mentor of IT startups (G-Accelerator, Spain; Mentor & Mentee IAMCP project), trainer, consultant in the fields of IT, product and product portfolio management. Has experience in in organizational transformations of companies, construction and reorganization of the work order in IT development; also has exprience in introducing products to the markets of the European Union, USA and China.


Product in European market in 5 months! Scientific Non-Fiction.

During wintertime, a student came up with an idea, and in May the team received their first client, and by the end of the summer the team was ready for the first rounds of investments. This is not a fiction tale, but a real experience with the young DevOps team. This talk will help to realize how MVP helps adjust business concepts on the fly; and how the team involved changing the product concept while working. Questions like “How to gain the trust of your first customers” (spoiler: talk in person, even if your product is strictly online) and “How quick success is facilitated by team interchangeability – development, maintenance, marketing” will be answered, as well as much more.

Session Keywords

IT incubator