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Safewrd, Germany

Christian Jantz

Chris started of as a developer and transitioned to operations after a short while when wanting to know how his software gets operated. A while after that and learning how to be an effective agile coach and training people on all he knows he realized this all was a perfect starting point to combine the knowledge, apply it to AWS and do. DevOps the right way.


Kubernetes on AWS

Using Docker containers in the cloud can be quite a challenge whilst you often need to manage orchestrators yourself.

This talk will walk you through learnings of operating Kubernetes on AWS and an approach to automatically manage environments using custom tooling and the kops project. As a result of implementing the approaches of this talk developers can easily bootstrap their own clusters for testing and remove them with the click of a button whilst maintaining compliance and least privilege principles.





Date: November 15
Time: 10:00–16:00
Venue: Deworkacy, Red October
Language: English

Building a DevOps toolchain on Amazon AWS

How long does it take your teams to deliver value to the customer? If you answer this with a value higher than an hour this workshop is for you. We will dive into the world of cloud computing and what advantages Software and Platform as a Service brings to our world and how to apply it.

We will start by introducing pipelines and what advantages they bring to us when maintaining and providing infrastructure and applications. After that we will talk about how cloud integrates into those pipelines and how traditional infrastructure matches – plus how it could be integrated as well. Then you will setup your own environment on Amazon AWS where you are going to develop your own pipeline in the next parts of the workshop.

The entire workshop is about advantages of public and private cloud, pipeline thinking, advantages of microservices and why containers make sense. We invite everyone – from Developer to Ops to Manager who wants to understand what their teams want to do to participate in this workshop as it will give you a much wider understanding of why some companies innovate on a daily basis whilst others need years for the same thing.


  • You need a computer with admin permissions as we will need to install some tools and the ability to connect to public AWS environments.
  • Before joining please just go through some articles about cloud computing to get a first general understanding of what Amazon AWS provides you as we plan to make this more technical – not a cloud sales pitch.

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