Meet our Speakers
Deliver, Russia

Anton Kholodkov

Anton Kholodkov – technical director of Before Deliver, He was team lead in Yandex.Pochta, worked for ten years in Yandex. Working in an IT startup allows you to take a look at the DevOps approach from a new perspective. Anton is sure that cloud solutions allows not only to save costs, but to compete with large players. You are not limited to the usual tools and frameworks of data centers.


Why do startups need a cloud?

When you pioneer in your branch and you are at the begginnig of your way as startup, you need to save every dollar. How to reduce the cost of equipment and development? How do you plan the capacity? I will share a real case, not just a theory.

Deliver is an advanced digital platform that instantly matches cargo owners with the right carrier on a required route, which automates the process of ordering, tracking and document management. By cutting out the middle chain.

We needed to increase capacity and provide high performance, but the upgrade of server hardware was quite expensive and would not provide a further flexible scaling. Using of cloud significantly reduc the cost of upgrading the hardware and optimize the cost of server maintenance.

I will tell you our experience of step-by-step infrastructure building. From a single server to several data centers. I will share about problems we met and how we solved them. I will show a few cases, when only the cloud became a right dessision to success business model. And some tips how to save cost with clouds.