DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Janos Pasztor, Austria

Janos Pasztor, Austria

About Janos Pasztor

I’m a DevOps engineer who likes to do things just a tiny bit different. I’m regularly taking deepdives into technologies, taking them apart and putting them back together. And then I’m tellingothers what I’ve learned.


Docker under the Hood

Docker is the new hotness, yet, very few people know how it works under the hood and if it issecure. This talk goes over the very basics of containerization on Linux, and evendemonstrates a working container implementation from scratch. After this talk you’ll have abetter understanding what exactly is happening when you start a Docker container.


Docker for Beginners

Docker is the hot new thing, the technology that really brought the DevOps movement to a next level. Every other week a new tool comes out that claims to make Docker easier to use, but information and good advice is often hard to come by.