DevOps Pro Moscow 2022

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Ed Shee
Должность:  Head of Developer Relations

Компания:  Seldon

Страна:  UK


Ed is an innovative developer, creative technologist, and machine learning enthusiast. He comes from a background in computational modeling and cloud-native deployments and now works at Seldon, helping developers do machine learning in production. He also runs the MLOps London community and co-organizes Tech Ethics London.


OpenTelemetry 101

Everyone wants observability into their system but finds themselves with too many vendors and tools, each with its own API, SDK, agent and collectors.

In this talk, Dotan will present OpenTelemetry, an ambitious open-source project with the promise of a unified framework for collecting observability data. With OpenTelemetry you could instrument your application in a vendor-agnostic way, and then analyze the telemetry data in your backend tool of choice, whether Prometheus, Jaeger, Zipkin, or others.

He will cover the current state of the various projects of OpenTelemetry (across programming languages, exporters, receivers, protocols), some of which are not even GA yet, and will provide useful guidance on how to get started with it.

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