DevOps Pro Moscow 2021

Simon Aronsson

Должность:  Deevloper Advocate, SRE, Chaos Engineer

Компания:  k6

Страна:  Sweden


Simon is on a mission to help developers test better and write better tests. Drawing from more than a decade of experience in tech in various forms, he often speaks about DevOps, chaos engineering, testing in general, and reliability testing in particular.


The Glorious Art of Destroying Things on Purpose: an Introduction to Chaos Engineering

Today’s systems are more often than not distributed, consisting of several moving parts. Modern architectural patterns make it harder than ever to get a full understanding of a system’s health and resilience.

How do we get assurance that our systems perform and scale if they all run, and scale, independently, maybe even on different hardware or in different geographical locations?

We use chaos.

In this talk, Simon will guide you through the basics of chaos engineering and show you how it’s done in practice. After attending this talk, you’ll be ready to explain the value of chaos engineering, as well as running your first own experiment.

Ключевые слова

Distributed Systems
Chaos Engineering

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