DevOps Pro Moscow 2019

Martin Alfke

example42 GmbH, Germany


Martin is CEO at example42 GmbH, located in Berlin. He is a long-term Puppet specialist and trainer. Martin likes giving talks covering IT automation and DevOps at several conferences.


Getting Technical Buy-In

This talk will be all about how you go about getting buy-in for a new technology with your manager. It’s not specific to Puppet technologies, though the examples will be from Puppet champions I’ve worked with at large organizations who have had to sell Puppet to their team, manager or senior leadership. How do you speak in their language? How do you convey what success looks like at all levels of the organization and convince everyone that the disruption is worth the effort? These lessons apply to any technical practitioner who is having trouble moving their initiatives forward.

Session Keywords

management buy-in
translation tech <-> mgmt


Puppet Configuration Management

Within this workshop we are going to learn how to adopt an existing platform to Puppet and how to implement a workflow for staging changes into an infrastructure.
We will cover the new concepts of Puppet like Bolt Orchestration using Tasks, Puppet 6 concepts for separating and dealing with data and how to develop code using Puppet Developer Kit.