DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Vladimir Filimonov

Teradata, Russia

About Vladimir Filimonov

Vladimir Filimonov has 15+ years of experience in software design and development. For the last 8 years he focused on architecting and leading implementations of analytical data platforms for major enterprise customers in Russia and Europe.
In his current role of Solution Architect for Teradata company, Think Big Analytics division, Vladimir is responsible for being the trusted architecture consultant for Teradata’s customers on a full lifecycle of analytical ecosystems. He characterizes himself as productively lazy person and automation enthusiast. Vladimir is a member of Teradata’s global DevOps center of expertise.


DevOps for Petabyte-scale relational databases

Enterprise-scale analytical systems usually include relational database as their part: RDBMS can be core of analytical platform or important part of hybrid analytical ecosystem. These systems usually contain huge amount of data (hundreds of Terabytes, in some cases Petabytes) and have big number of developers who implement applications on top of them in parallel.
One who wants to apply DevOps practices to these systems will face number of specific challenges: lack of automation tools, specifics of data testing, need to consider data size and data consistency on every step, inability to use immutable approach for each component of solution and few others.
During the session you will hear about practical experience of CI\CD implementation for this kind of systems, specifics of tools selection, best practices as well as pitfalls you would want to avoid on your DevOps journey.