DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Roman Pickl

Elektrobit, Austria

About Roman Pickl

Roman is a technical project manager at Elektrobit and former CTO at fluid time. He has comprehensive experience in project management, the technical coordination of national and international projects and the optimisation of business and development processes. Roman Pickl studied business management and commercial information technology at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the University of Technology, Sydney, as well as software engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. There he specialised in the fields of entrepreneurship & innovation management, project & process management and information management as well as software evolution and mobile computing.


Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipelines

Jenkins is the #1 continuous integration and delivery server and since version 2.0 pipelines are first class citizens.
This talk demonstrates how a continuous deployment pipeline can be set up and targets developers, PMs and testers who want to streamline their deployment processes and accelerate the feedback loop. We will not only harness jenkins 2’s Pipeline as Code features but also its new Blue Ocean User Experience.
Furthermore, we will look into advanced topics and tools to develop your pipeline successfully.