DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Patrick Baumgartner

42talents, Switzerland

Patrick Baumgartner

42talents, Switzerland

About Patrick Baumgartner

Patrick Baumgartner works as a passionate software crafter at 42talents and builds software with Java, the Spring ecosystem, OSGi, Neo4j and ElasticSearch and other open source technologies. In the software crafter community, he co-organises the Software Craftsmanship Zurich Meetup and runs the SoCraTes Conference Switzerland and is involved VoxxedDays Zürich and other events. Besides that, he teaches at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science and speaks regularly on conferences about Software Craft and technical topics around Java and Spring.


Demystifying Spring Boot Magic

One of Spring Boot’s most powerful features is its auto-configuration. This magic is key to the convention-over-configuration approach that has brought a massive boost in productivity to Java developers. But is it magic?

We will walk through how auto-configuration works in detail, have a look at how you could write a Spring Boot starter yourself and identify many other powerful features which you can use in your day to day work.


Functional Reactive Spring

In this Workshop, we will use Spring Framework 5 to write Functional Reactive code and will answer the following questions.

● What is Functional Programming?
● What is Reactive Programming?
● What is Functional Reactive Programming?

Functional Reactive Programming is a hot trend in the Java world and also introduced in Spring Framework 5. This new paradigm allows you to effectively work with streams of data.
You’ll get hands on experience with building a Reactive application to stream data leveraging the newly available Reactive data types, Spring WebFlux and Spring Data.