DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Matthieu Napoli

Independent Consultant, France

About Matthieu Napoli

Matthieu is a software consultant who has been developing web applications for more than 10 years. He is the author of open source projects like [PHP-DI](, [Silly]( and [Bref]( He loves working on topics related to code quality and developer experience: anything that makes our job easier. He is also passionate about framework interoperability.


Deploying serverless PHP applications

Serverless and its “functions as a service” is becoming a more and more widespread solution for running web applications. And while PHP powers 80% of the web, using it on FaaS providers is not a piece of cake. Let’s bridge that gap and discover why PHP is perfect for serverless applications. Through the Bref project we will explore how to easily deploy Symfony, Laravel and other PHP applications as lambdas, and what it means regarding performances and costs.