DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Jeff Wouters

Methos, The Netherlands

About Jeff Wouters

Jeff Wouters, MVP Cloud & Datacenter Management, PowerShellian, blogger, speaker and Dutchie. He is a frequent speaker at (inter)national events with a focus on Automation, Cloudand DevOps and is the co-founder of the Dutch PowerShell User Group. Jeff holds the role of CTO at Methos, where he guides customers to a infrastructure-as-code and DevOps way of infrastructure management.


PowerShell Unbound – Tips & Tricks

This session is all about tips ‘n tricks you can use in PowerShell. Jeff will cover mostly practical and some improved performance of scripts that some even more seasoned PowerShell-ians don’t know about, including others that are just plain fun. This session will get you out of your after-lunch-drowsiness or simply get you through a long day of deep technical sessions with lots of energy and fun.