DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Ivan Evtukhovich

Express 42, Russia

About Ivan Evtukhovich

After graduating from MIPT, he started his professional carеer as developer in C# and ASP.Net, and some time after in PHP and Ruby. During his career, he worked at Odnoklassniki, Scalaxy and Russian department of Groupon. He is one of the founders of the company “Express 42”. Express 42 is a DevOps consulting company that helps companies go through the process of digital transformation. During its existence, the company worked on multiple projects for the biggest Russian banks, Telecom providers, as well as Russian and international startups.


DevOps and Business: borders of Delivery Pipeline

Often organization try to adopt DevOps only at IT Department or, in worst cases, only at the Development Department. From our experience, such an approach takes a lot of resources but gives an only insignificant improvement in speed, quality and other non-functional characteristics. In my talks I’ll try to make one step above to see Software Delivery Process from the point of view of all organization. I’ll discuss what can be done to prevent DevOps adoption being a cargo-cult. To make my talk not so boring, I’ll add a lot of amazing examples from consulting experience of Express 42.