DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Gil Zellner

Appsflyer, Israel

About Gil Zellner

Gil was a one man show at Oracle Data Cloud, worked on multi cloud frameworks at Cloudify, and built Gett their first zero downtime upgrade solution. He also worked in FinTech (Arkelis), Pharma-IT (Sparta Systems) and ran an IT department while in College. Gil holds a B.Sc in Information Systems Engineering from Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).


From Ops to Dev and Back Again

Having done both Dev and Ops, I feel there is some truth, but several lies as well as to how having sysadmin experience affects devs, and how dev experience affects sysadmins. The title is a play on words from JRR Tolkein’s Hobbit (There and back again), and will be told as a story.