DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Carlos León

The Netherlands

About Carlos León

Carlos Leon is a Colombian nerd working in tech for 8 years. Based in Amsterdam, he works as an independent Cloud Native consultant writing systems to automate the provisioning, orchestration and scaling of bare metal and virtual infrastructures and helping companies in DevOps transformations. He’s passionate about hang gliding, nerd jokes and world cultures.


Adopting DevOps: are you still on time?

DevOps as a practice has been introduced more than 10 years ago. is your company still on time to adopt a DevOps way of working or is the train long gone?
We have seen companies struggling to make the move for many reasons: lack of resources, knowledge, traction or guts. With the stakes so high, what is the best way to move forward? Do you need to fire your entire IT department and start over again? Is it worth looking into this for a small company? What if I don’t have the resources?
Through real-life success cases we will walk through the history of DevOps, how it revolutionised the industry and we will give answer to all those questions that creep in when thinking about taking the big jump.