DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Benny Michielsen

Info Support, Belgium

About Benny Michielsen

I’m am IT consultant trying to make sense of it all. In an ever faster changing world I try to learn a bit of everything. One day you’ll find me hacking away with a Raspberry Pi, the other pulling in the latest .NET core version while reading up on the latest blockchain news.


Secure Multi-tenant Apps with Azure and VSTS

Building and deploying apps with VSTS is a breeze. You can can quickly define environments and create steps that have to be performed. When building my latest app however we were faced with a hard requirement which defined that data and the processing of it had to be physically separated per tenant. This basically means rolling out a unique environment per tenant.

In this session I’ll show you the solution we came up with and how we were still able to leverage VSTS and Azure AD in a dynamic fashion to create environments on demand and keep them up to date.