DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Anton Chevychalov

ArenaData – IBS, Russia

About Anton Chevychalov

Anton is a team lead in Arenadata department of IBS company responsible for development and distribution of “big data” software. Previously was employed by Mirantis as Open Stack developer and by StackSoft as sysadmin/devops.


DevOps in Open-Source Software Development World

Open-source software is one of the main driver of current IT era. A lot of companies takes a part in open-source projects. Let’s talk what you have to know before taking on board of open-source development. We’ll discuss the following questions:

* What is open-source community.

* How your work should be organised to balance between your needs and community needs.
* Should your create your own fork and how to maintain that.
* How to build CI for open-source.