DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Andrey Nesterenko

MIRhosting, Netherlands

About Andrey Nesterenko

CEO and founder of MIRhosting – hosting company with sites in Russia, the Netherlands, and the US. Besides overall management, I drive infrastructure modernizations and handpick technologies to accommodate the company’s growth and development. I supervise key customers and get involved with difficult technical cases. My speciality is finding solutions with focus on scaling and mitigating typical mistakes so as to avoid stalemates when growing the business. Promoting cloud solutions and technologies is my passion, I love to share my experiences as well as meet new people.


How to get 100% uptime for a devops platform?

Modern cloud technologies allow to build a fully autonomous resilient infrastructure without signicant additional nancial spends. This presentation will cover key solutions that will add value for any system administrators/operations and developers. Cloud hosting solutions are self-repairing and fault-tolerant, yet it helps to know how they are set up and how one can handle them. We will also talk about peak loads and how to automate scaling for the peaks,how one can save resources with this automation. The presentation’s focus will be on hands-on scenarios and best practices like PHP and Java applications clusterization. We will cover container technologies as an example of interaction with provider infrastructure for continuous development, horizontal scaling, cloud scripting, dns infrastructure.


Horizontal scaling on cloud platforms

The goal is to set up an application that will automatically scale to match the load uctuations.We will look in detail, learn and test horizontal scaling of applications – a critical function forany development project. You will then be able to apply this skill in any cloud solution. Thefocus will be on the advantages of container technologies and microservices. Using MySQL DBas an example we will review why we need horizontal scaling at all, what options we have forscaling, why choose containers, how to ingrate application development with native cloudmanagement tools (orchestrator). We will write a script (hooky) In real time for MySQl clusterand map the process to automatically scale to the current loads.