DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Andrey Markelov

Infobip, Russia

About Andrey Markelov

Andrey Markelov is a Senior Software Engineer at platform department of Infobip. He has 11+ years experience in Java programming and DevOps in different areas: banking, telecommunications and mobile app development. Besides he is developer evangelist for Prometheus, Docker and Redis. In addition to his main job, Andrey is active member of Atlassian Community and developed several popular free Atlassian add-ons, such as Prometheus exporters.


Non-JVM applications in Java microservices

The main advantage of distributed ecosystems is the ability to integrate applications implemented using different frameworks and programming languages, and even working on different platforms. However, when running applications in geographically distributed systems, the following challenges are likely to arise:

• automatic detection of new service instances;
• reliable updates;
• application health-checks;
• monitoring unification.

The speaker will share the successful experience of solving these problems using the Spring Cloud ecosystem and the Sidecar design pattern, which enables to integrate non-JVM applications (Redis, Squid, Elastic, etc) into the JVM environment.

The live example will demonstrate how to implement the following: the registration of non-JVM applications, the automatic detection of new application instances, monitoring and lifecycle management. As a tool, Spring Cloud, Redis and Prometheus will be used. Also, special attention will be paid to deploying applications with Sidecar in the Docker environment and using the “canary deployments” pattern.