DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Andrew Nikolskiy, Russia

About Andrew Nikolskiy

Andrew Nikolsky, maintenance chief at Deal with Web since 2001. Web-developer as freelancer, support of sites and communities, CRM, system administration, license management etc. Work at since 2011. Started as middle php-developer. Raced to teamlead and scrum master. Was a Support Chief, Lead of unix-engineers and Lead of Devops. Now do the all of this stuff and lead maintenance team of Company.


The orphan-services an another side of (micro)service architecture

Have you meet an orphan service? It looks like waif: unhappy, shameless, furtive and unpredictable. How can your recognize such service? How can you get it to your infrastructure? What does it treaten to you? I’ll tell you how to avoid orphans or effects of them. My experience based of six years lifecycle of SOA of