DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Alex Thissen

Xpirit, The Netherlands

Loek Duys

Xpirit, The Netherlands

About Alex Thissen

Alex has been involved in application development since the late nineties and worked as a lead developer and architect at large enterprises and small companies. He spends his time teaching other developers the details of the Microsoft development platform and frameworks, and coaches architects to design and build modern distributed applications at cloud scale. He has received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Visual Studio and Development Technologies 11 times. In his spare time Alex likes to participate in all kinds of sport, and loves playing and programming new and retro video games.

About Loek Duys

Loek is a Cloud Architect at Xpirit and a Microsoft Azure MVP. He helps companies to make their transition to the Cloud as efficient as possible; from strategy to implementation. As an active member of open source projects, forums and as international speaker, he loves to exchange knowledge with other community members.


Running a DevOps Style Production Docker Cluster using the Microsoft Platform

Getting your .NET Core application to run in a Docker cluster is only the beginning of a journey.It takes more to build and run your application in Azure using DevOps practices. In this session we will show you how we created a mission critical .NET Core application in a Kubernetes cluster in Azure using Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Team Services. You will learn howto design your .NET application architecture to run on Azure, which software patterns to implement for environment exibility, how to build Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines for zero-downtime, provision your Infrastructure declaratively using ARM templates and what to do to integrate metrics and instrumentation in your application for real-time monitoring. We will share our lessons learned, so you can get a jump-start running your own application in a similar way using the Microsoft Platform.


Doing Docker DevOps Style

This training introduces you to Docker and container technology for DevOps teams. We will show you how to apply DevOps practices to cloud-based container solutions, complete with hands-on exercises. The training uses Microsoft tooling and technology, but the skills you will learn can be applied in any technology stack. After the workshop you will be able to do Docker DevOps style.