DevOps Pro Moscow 2018

Boris Kaizer

Raiffeisenbank, Russia

About Boris Kaizer

In Raiffeisenbank since 2006. Has wide experience in support of bank services and systems – docflow management, data warehouses, ruble and currency payments, At current position is responsible for stability and availability of cards processing and core banking system.


From Frankenstein to unicorns. DevOps transformation of cards processing

Exploring the Agile transformation and the best cases in the market, it became clear that in all this experience the product-support subject stands alone and has not examples of practitial implementation. In our bank, we decided not to stop only on the Dev transformation, but decided to blossom the true Ops in products. For cards processing products, this task is complicated by the impact of additional anti-Agile external factors – the vendor’s monolith, all kinds of audits, tough security requirements, the PCI DSS standard, etc., etc. But even in such an aggressive environment, we have achieved success and would like to talk about them.