Meet our Speakers
TYME.RU, Russia

Kirill Vetchinkin

Kirill is the head of the development department at TYME. He created electronic banking for the Life group and MegaFon company. Now he is engaged in building IT processes of the company, actively applies automation. Knows how to do one-click deploy.


Continuous delivery .Net Core applications and infrastructure in a Linux OS.

We are an organization engaged in customized software development. Automatic assembly, settings and deployment – are very important factors for us, it also allows to save a lot of resources, and to avoid errors associated with human factors. Practical experience in build process of development and deployment .Net Core applications on Linux will be shown in this report. For this I will use the following tools: Networks, TeamCity, Ansible, Octopus Deploy, Docker.
I will show the connection of these technologies to form a single conveyor: from the automatic creation of a virtual machine with its settings – to demonstration of a running apps. And all this will be in automatic mode from your code. This scheme can be successfully applied using other software products.
Target audience are— heads of development departments, architects, DevOps engineers, teamleaders, and all the people who want to build the process of development and automatization in their companies.