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November 15, 2016
Technical Lead @ Adform / Lithuania

Saulius Valatka

Data Science Meets Containers

Saulius has been a software developer for the most part of his IT career. While always fascinated by theory and having spent a ridiculous amount of time on obscure activities like metaprogramming with C++ templates and learning about applicative functors and monads in Scala, more recently Saulius started worrying more about grown up stuff like deployment, performance and other devops activities. Saulius is currently the technical lead of the data research team in Adform.



With the rise of Docker the whole industry has been going crazy about containers during the last few years. It does sound perfect in theory — developers produce containers and ship them off into production without worrying too much where they run. Obviously it is not that simple in practice: how do you plan capacity, how do you discover your apps, what about persistence?

In this talk we will share our experience of introducing Docker on Mesos in the Data Research team at Adform, what kind of challenges we faced and how we overcame them to make containers a perfect fit for doing data science.



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