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November 15, 2016
Solutions Architect @ CSC / Lithuania

Mažvydas Račkauskas

Dev vs Ops transformation to Agility DevOps culture

Mažvydas has 15 years’ experience in IT and solid background for virtual environments. He has worked in various regions around the world including Siemens Canada, Microsoft and HP. At this moment he helps CSC to transform businesses IT environment from “Dev vs Ops” to proper DevOps culture using Agility.

Main key and the focus is IT environment stability and productivity, driving innovation forward.



Dev vs Ops view and how to transform IT infrastructure to DevOps. Mistakes we make, walls we face and goals we want to reach. Short time success or long time stability? What is more important – speed to deliver new code, recovery time, releases to production, updates and downtime? May you increase all your goals by transforming to proper DevOps culture?



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