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November 15, 2016
Community, marketing & communication manager @Nextcloud GmbH / Germany

Jos Poortvliet

How to deal with the social side of computing life

Jos is a people person, technology enthusiast and all-things-open evangelist. Community, marketing & communication manager at Nextcloud, previously ownCloud, SUSE and continuing a decade long involvement in the KDE community. He enjoys avoiding traffic and public transport on bike through his home town Berlin, but only when the weather is good.



We think we’re clever. Especially us engineers. Rational, rather than emotional. Straight forward (something to be proud of!) and clear headed. We take a problem, look at it from all sides and solve it.

Do we? Are we? We are human beings and – like all human beings, we are limited to what our highly evolved, yet still apish brains offer us. And as everything looks like a nail to a hammer, our brains tend to blind us to their limitations.

In this presentation, we’ll examine our limitations, describe some of the IRL communication issues and present some hacks to avoid the bugs and bad documentation of this ‘social interaction’ thing.



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Nextcloud, the next generation Enterprise File Sync & Share was started by ownCloud inventor Frank Karlitschek to empower users to take back control over their data and communication.