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November 15, 2016
DevOps consultant @ Express 42 / Russia

Ivan Evtukhovich

What’s all the buzz about Microservices?

Having graduated from MIPT, Ivan got into Web-development completely by chance. He started his professional career as a C# and ASP.Net developer. After 4 years, Ivan switched to the world of open-source and Linux and became a PHP-developer and shortly after a Ruby-developer.

He created the Railsclub conference and was also making RubyNoName podcasts for about 2 years. He rose to become the Development Team Lead of Scalaxy company and then Groupon company. He also gave a few workshops to developers. At the moment, Ivan works at Express 42 company which specializes in DevOps consulting and operations of IT projects.


It seems like everyone is writing about microservice architecture (MSA) these days. But why this seemingly obvious way of managing IT projects became so popular?

In my lecture, I will explain what MSA is and what principles lie behind it. You will learn about the main components of MSA and the advantages it has to offer. We will also take a look at containers and Docker and its use in MSA.

Unfortunately, as we all know, there is no advantage without disadvantage. Thus, I will also talk about the disadvantages of using MSA.



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