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November 15, 2016
Polyglot Developer @ Cloud 66 / The Netherlands

Daniël van Gils

How the hell do I run my microservices in production, and will it scale?

Daniël van Gils is a polyglot developer advocate at Cloud 66. He helps other polyglot developers craft ruby (on rails) web applications and container based microservice architectures with ♥, to deploy on any server or public cloud. He’s been involved in the web development, creative technologies, and gaming industries. An accomplished creative technologist, Daniel has vast and varied experience in application development, agile workflows, lecturing and building container technologies at scale. In his spare time he experiments with strawberries in his backyard, likes to surf and practices improvisation theater.



Let’s assume you’ve already had every *Docker 101 tutorial* for breakfast. You’re now ready to take that brilliantly crafted application into production. But wait… first you need to test your container-based microservices architecture. What does the whole DevOps workflow look like? What about performance and security? And last but not least; how the hell do I run my microservices in production, and will it scale?

Let Daniël guide you through the wonderful world of container-based development and running microservice architectures at scale. By attending the talk*, you’ll gain insight into how to bootstrap and dive straight into learning what DevOps workflow should look like when using containers.



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Frustrated by the app deployment tools and infrastructure options available in the market, we wanted to find our own solution to simplifying DevOps.
In 2011, we combined our knowledge of software development and experience managing large-scale systems for CIBC, Lehman Brothers and Lloyds to setup Cloud 66.


Exploring the World of Containers and Microservices

Unleash the awesome container power to fuel all your microservice dreams!


As a company/startup you need to be ahead of the crowd to deliver best-in-class digital solutions. Your customers expect you to build high-performance, scalable solutions  that deliver minimal latency, high availability and a consistent user experience. As the trusted company, you’ll be turned to as the be-all, know-all expert on new and emerging disruptive technologies. And that’s where this workshop can help.

In this hands-on workshop we’ll discuss how you can transform the capabilities of your company, by adopting a polyglotic approach to application development through the use of container technologies. We’ll aim to give you the tools to mix and match technologies to come up with the best solution for building, deploying and managing projects for your company.

We’ll provide an overview of container technologies, workflows and microservice architectures, and how they can contribute to flexible app development. Using real life examples, we’ll deep dive into how best to manage container-based projects, allowing you to tinker with new development workflows using container technologies and start containerizing and developing microservices straight away.

Part 1. Container workflow and microservice architectures

You will learn:

  • How containers can contribute to software craftsmanship
  • The do’s and don’t of microservice architectures
  • How to create containerized (using docker) services with security, performance and availability in mind
  • Explore container workflows (using docker and docker-compose) and apply to their own practices
  • The do’s and don’t of CI/CD microservices using containers and available CI/CD tools

Part 2. Containers in production and orchestration, debug, scale microservices

You will learn:

  • Run containers in production on a cloud provider
  • Scale, orchestrating, debugging containers in production
  • Running off/on jobs with containers
  • Apply things learned to own practices