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November 15, 2016
Agility Transformation Partner @ Value Glide / UK

John Coleman & Nader Talai

I am the Change, the change starts with me, the last mile is with me

John Coleman is UK based Agility transformation consultant, coach & trainer. Strategy for proper use of Scrum and avoidance of WaterScrumFall is Kanban or Scrum with checklists. John is particular has many Scrum teams, 100% of them using proper Scrum as per the Scrum guide.

Nader Talai is a business agility practitioner focused on improving time to market. Nadar is UK based Agility transformation consultant, coach & trainer.


“I am the Change” is an integrative agility transformation approach that adapts to your context. Is transformation cracked now? Very well received and over-subscribed at Global Scrum Gathering Bengaluru.

John Coleman and Nader Talai are agility transformation specialists who take on the very toughest and see transformations through.

They key to this approach is that it’s not prescriptive. Let John and Nader walk you through some scenarios, what they did, and what the results are so far.

  • Session Learning Objectives
  • Change Leadership
  • Change Evolution
  • Tipping Point Leadership
  • Behavioural Change
  • Method fit
  • Synchronisation fit
  • Transformation rhythm
  • Toyota Kata
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Spiral Dynamics Integral
  • Transformation Metrics
  • Positive peer pressure



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